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When QTrax was announced, I was very excited. However, that excitement soon lead to disappointment.

For those who do not know what QTrax is (or was supposed to be, anyway) – QTrax is a P2P network of free legal music downloads, which paid the record labels by giving them a cut of the advertising revenue. According to a press release QTrax had signed a mega-deal with the major record labels, allowing them to do just that – provide free legal music downloads – over 25 million of them!

The day that QTrax launched the record labels who were said to have signed onto this deal, denied it, except for Sony who refused to comment.

However, I downloaded the software anyway, which by the way, is based of Songbird – a very butchered version of Songbird, but Songbird nonetheless. Anyway, the store didn’t work, it timed out and gave database errors and according to an email I received it is still not working as of today (2/6/08).

My question is this:

Is QTrax perhaps the biggest hoax in Internet history? If not, it is at the top of the list. Leave a comment!

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