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They are demanding, fastidious, and sometimes arrogant. They require leading companies on the market, dramatically high payment, interesting projects, and prosperous career opportunities. They are developers. IT companies with an excellent reputation and well-established market position have fewer issues with finding professional candidates. But what about small-scale companies that require solid software? Should they be thankful for small mercies or sacrifice the budget to retain those IT bee’s knees? Here are several tips that will be handy in attracting as well as retaining top dedicated developers.

Make Comfort A Priority

Everyone likes a cozy bed with a soft pillow, candles around, and probably a breathtaking view from the window. Well, the same people want from their workplaces: comfortable and spacious office with corporate benefits. Examine the market: do you remember the green-based Grammarly office that was announced the best office-based on numerous criteria? In addition to having lounge zones all over the place, game rooms, and a dozen meeting spots; they managed to create duplex areas that added to the overall space. Simply saying, office environment shows how much value do you put to make your employees want to come to the office and feel like home.

Take Care of The Retention Rate

Excellent corporate culture may also include gym membership, medical insurance, vacancy compensation, and other activities. Moreover, a brilliant, caring, and thoughtful corporate culture is key to retain your employees and make them work towards the company’s success as long as you show your appreciation in different ways. Conduct team-building events, New Year and summer parties give occasional gifts – basically, show your workers that the company wants them to be here. Some well-established companies also offer payment for events such as marriage, childbirth, and other occasions.

Spend Extra Time And Money On Training

Taking the things seriously, except for having all those benefits, talented developers want (no, demand!) interesting and prosperous projects. They admire challenges, appreciate uniqueness, and keen on education. Let’s admit that the more you learn the more you know (yeah, sounded awkward and too obvious) – developers want to learn, dig the knowledge, and grow. No one comes working to a manufacturing plant while learning the assembly line peculiarities at home, right? So create those learning opportunities, which will play into your hands later. Each occupation requires specific skills, even though notoriously hard to adapt to a new project, people will give you more as you teach them how to do it properly. In addition to all these programming courses, organize the English language, time-management, work-and-life balance courses – common, the market is overwhelmed with interesting learning opportunities – grad a chance before your employees leave you for these changes.

Getting back on the aspect of interesting projects; as was mentioned – developers admire changes, diversity, challenges. For this reason, make sure to include the most important details of your job description. Start with a hook, explain the importance of the project right off the bat. Don’t make them ask obvious questions – you will lose precious time. Be as precise and accurate as a jeweler.

Invest In Your People

I definitely know that you thought I was not going to mention money, but yes – developers need money, lots of money, way more money than you expect and can afford. You got to pay big if you want to get big. Sit down before you open DOU page and search for an average salary rate of developers in Ukraine – starting from 2k, and where is the limit? Believe it or not, once you recognize devs’ skills, a clean art of coding, and their commitment type of nature – feel free to throw bait – fight for them with $-signs and a number of 0-digits.

Consider Alternative Hiring Models

If I made you bored until this moment, here is a distraction that gives you more specifics (don’t be thankful). Where do you find professionals? Still, use commonly-visited platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor? Do you know where the real devs hang out?… a minute to think over… Another minute… No? Outstaffing companies – they are the real sharks in terms of owning brilliant specialists in any field you need. Come again? What are the benefits? You better ask yourself why not using it yet. The mechanism is simple as…(f-words are not allowed in such text but you got me): set the requirements, go through the candidates, agree on cooperation details, and ENJOY! In this case, you don’t even have to create a comfortable office, although, do not forget about your in-house workers – they’ll appreciate the value.

Let’s see one step at a time: imagine you requiring a front-end developer with 2+ years of experience in Software Development. Now, imagine that you pay less but get the same or even more. Time to imagine another feature – you only should click on the hire button and there you have – long-term cooperation with successfully achieved KPIs, endless commitment, and fruitful results for both parties. Devs are available for communication, discussing the key issues, and meeting the demands per your request. These days, such a method of hiring employees makes the process of hiring and retaining much easier regarding the aspect that you are to choose a candidate from the country of your interest. Why not hiring Ukrainian developers via such platforms? The market is full of talented volunteers to make the best for your satisfaction. Final thoughts

It’s high time to wrap up this writing – hustle for the devs as if you fight for life – make your bed (vs create a solid workplace), apply fertilizers (organize fun activities and appreciate the workers), grow this tree as it will be prolific.

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