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Though the past several weeks have been littered with rumors regarding Google’s next flagship phone, the Nexus 5, we may now have some actual details about the device and some of its crucial internal components courtesy of a find from S4gru.

It was recently discovered that electronics company LG has popped up on the Federal Communications Commission website, where it’s coupled with enough information to justify pairing it with the device Google leaked in a KitKat promotional video only a few days ago (which has since been removed).

The information leaked includes a photo of the inside of the back cover plate, as well as its specific dimensions. There’s also a large hole for a camera aperture, which also looks similar to the leaked device from earlier this week.

As pointed out by Engadget, this potential Nexus 5 is being factory-tested on a variety of wireless standards, including true 7-band LTE support (for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint). The device will also support the usual HSPA and GSM bands, not to mention even more traditional CDMA and EVDO Rev A technologies. The listed firmware of the phone is M8974A, which could mean a Snaddragon 800 processor is packed in. The software, most likely, is KitKat, even if the software filename reads as “KeyLimePie.”

The device also appears to have a 4.96-inch display that’s 131.9mm tall by 68.2mm wide.


If this is the true Nexus 5, then it should be a quality pick for Nexus 4 owners to upgrade too – since this phone has proper 4G LTE support, whereas the Nexus 4 does not.

And as The Verge cleverly notes, the Nexus 4 is selling out fast (without restock) on the US Google Play store, and KitKat was just revealed as the new nickname for Android version 4.4.

Does all of this mean that we’re looking at a Nexus 5 announcement soon from Google? Probably so. We’ll simply just have to wait until they bring it out from behind the curtain… or another leak finds its way online.

But if you need more convincing… someone on the Internet made the following GIF that shows just how similar the two phones look. The man in the photo is from the Google KitKat promo video that was quickly removed after folks caught shots like this of Google employees using the mysterious phone. Convinced yet?

[Source: FCC]

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