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If you are a brand and you rely on social media, you are likely frustrated by the many outlets where related content is posted, from Twitter to Facebook to news outlets.  But Postano, a platform from TigerLogic, is helping brand’s consolidate their social media in one place instead of hanging lifelessly in cyberspace.

TigerLogic today an announced Postano 2.0, an update to the social curation and visualization platform, that allows marketers more visibility of fan activity across all major social network and the ability to publish that content into social hubs, event displays, in-store displays, command centers, and within mobile apps.   The platform also allows brands to increase their engagement with fans because they can capture posts, images and videos and instantly share them across the social web.

A number of companies are already taking advantage of Postano, which aside from organizing social content, also helps boost customer engagement.  For example, retailers use Postano to engage with their customers by displaying shoppers’ photos on an interactive wall.  Colleges and universities, including the University of Virginia and Arizona State University have tapped Postano’s system to collect and curate content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and other social networks, and display that content on large screens during events.  The L.A. Kings hockey team also uses Postano to manage fan social content on the Postano dashboard, as it’s piped into the big screen at the Staples Center.

postano 3

The updated version now allows brands to see all their social streams on one single dashboard and is integrated into a native mobile app for iPhone and Android.  Postano 2.0 also uses customizable HTML5 for content that allows its social visualizations to be viewed on every screen size from smartphones to large LED screens.

“Postano 2.0 was redesigned from the ground up as a SaaS platform with scale and performance as critical components,” said Justin Garrity, SVP of Product and Marketing of Postano, TigerLogic. “As fans post more and more visual content to an ever growing portfolio of social networks, Postano 2.0 has been designed to quickly surface that content and facilitate monitoring and curation from any location 24/7. The redesigned Postano 2.0 web app with split view moderation and the new native iPhone and Android apps set a new standard for social monitoring and curation platforms.”

Postano 2.0, which is customizable with CSS, also offers four new visualization options including a carousel widget for homepages, an editorial social hub for story driven webpages, a mobile optimized visualization for native mobile app integration, and a multi-tile animated visualization for events and retail displays.

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