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Who can actually recall the last time they wanted to back a crowdfunding campaign? At its initial inception, crowdfunding was appealing to those who wanted to support promising projects that were poised to “change the world” or meet a specific, niche need. Now, whenever we hear the words “crowdfunding campaign” we’re rolling our eyes until they reach another dimension, anticipating both lack of product development and a delivery that would never arrive to backers who contributed a pledge.

The current public perception surrounding crowdfunding isn’t unwarranted. Pledgecamp points out that, “research shows that 85% of campaigns delay, 14% fail to deliver rewards, and 67% of backers never pledge again.” So, how do we try and get back into the fun of crowdfunding with all of these trust issues we’ve manifested?

Pledgecamp is coming to the rescue, with its decentralized ecosystem of next-generation crowdfunding is utilizing “backer insurance,” which is a unique financial framework that allows backers to pledge without having to worry about losing their money if product development fails to reach completion. Basically, Pledgecamp’s mission is to secure the future of crowdfunding by restoring trust in the system, with a blockchain-protected investment platform as well as token incentives that motivate backers with rewards for their ongoing community participation and contributions.

The priority here, is to hold crowdfunding creators and entrepreneurs financially accountable for development milestones after a successful campaign, making backers feel more comfortable knowing that their pledge money will be returned if they don’t see a product or project delivered by a specified date.

Jae Choi, CEO of Pledgecamp, stated “At Pledgecamp, we strive to incorporate the benefits of blockchain technology into crowdfunding. Our primary mission is to restore trust, accountability, and collaboration in the crowdfunding community. By implementing a secure and trustworthy financial framework, crowdfunding can once again thrive and meet expectations, all while driving entrepreneurship and economic growth globally.”

It would be impossible to ignore the issue of the bear market, since we’re talking about a blockchain-investment platform that operates with token incentives. It may be an issue of time, but how valuable and secure will Pledgecamp’s tokens become and remain with the current state of cryptocurrency as it is? This may be something to consider for backers who wish to join the platform, especially for the sake of crypto gain and game excitement.

Admittedly, it would be cool to back to an outrageous, waterproof speaker for the shower that lets me hold a cold beverage in it while I lather and rinse. It would be even cooler to make that financial pledge with a promise for production, knowing that if such a campaign were to delay or cancel its manufacturing, any of us would see that money returned to our bank accounts. With bear market skepticism aside, Pledgecamp may just be what we need to save crowdfunding.  

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