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The push away from traditional cable TV packages is underway, with HBO Now set to launch on Apple TV in April, and more television options from other providers coming later this year. But one of the networks that would supposedly offer a viable alternative to paying for a cable subscription—Sony’s PlayStation Vue service—saw a limited launch this week with pricing that feels a little too high for its own good.

According to Business Insider, PlayStation Vue rolled out for PlayStation console owners in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia on Wednesday, giving users a free trial week to check the service out. Once that week is up, users can jump in with a 50 channel plan for $50 a month, or a $70 plan with 80 channels, which include regional sports networks. The article points out that while Sony does have deals with lots of content providers with shows that appear on major networks and cable channels, it’s missing all content from ABC, ESPN, or any of the other Disney-owned channels. That’s a big hole of content.

The service itself is robust, however. If you want to watch any program that was broadcast within the past 28 days, it’s yours to stream at the drop of a hat. Still, without heavy hitters owned by Disney, there are bound to be some frustrated users who wonder what they’re $50 gets them. If I want to watch a bunch of shows on network television, I can use Hulu for free, or pony up only $8 a month for even more content. There are also options to buy shows a la carte from Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon.

In short, at $50 a month minimum, what’s the real incentive to subscribe with PlayStation Vue? I’m looking forward to trying it out when the service rolls out to my neck of the woods. Until then, though, I have a feeling I won’t be signing up.

[Source: Business Insider]

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