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Today, at the Gamescom 2013 press event, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 4 will hit shelves on November 15th in the US with a price of $399.  The launch of the PS4 will follow shortly thereafter in Europe and Latin America (with a €399 or £349 price point) on November 29th.  We had previously reported that the UK Toys R Us site had listed November 29 as a launch date, so it seems like they were correct about the PS4 launch in Europe.

In total Sony expects to launch the PS4 in 32 countries before the end of the holiday season.  The company already has 1,000,000 preorders placed which must make them feel pretty good.  Microsoft is already losing the pricing war as well as hardcore gamers support and the UK Toys R Us site listed December 13 as the launch date for the Xbox One which means Sony would also have the jump on early adopters.

I guess we just have to wait and see if Microsoft can get the Xbox One out the door before Sony gets a head start.  We’ll keep you posted.

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