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Pinfluencer, which is one of the largest Pinterest analytics companies that has emerged to help track Pinterest statistics, has changed its name to Piqora.  The company said that the move has been in the making for a while as it plans to track other networks besides Pinterest, including Tumblr and potentially newer sites like Wanelo.  Piqora has also added “Gallery” to its suite of analytics products.

CEO Sharad Verma said the company’s previous name “Pinfluencer” didn’t reflect who it was as it branches out into other sites.  He said they combined the word “piq,” which means picture and contains “IQ” which means analytics curiosity intellect.  Hence, Piqora.

“This is not as much about moving away from Pinterest but adding other networks,” Verma said.  “Our plan is to add more networks and we’re studying other networks.”

Verma believes that the web is becoming more and more image-centric so it’s focusing on companies that are using images to attract customers including Tumblr, Polyvore, Wanelo and Twitter.

“Images are clickable on Pinterest, so those images are really visual hyperlinks that people want to virtually own so we’re looking at networks that have similar attributes where those images are actually lead the user to acquire content base,” Verma said.

Twitter is interesting, Verma believes, because the site is getting more visual.  Twitter recently introduced Vine: a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos.  Twitter also recently rolled out an update to its search results that puts “Top Photos” and “Top Videos” sections next to matching Tweets.

Wanelo, which has been called the “Pinterest for Products,” is another site Piqora is considering expanding upon.  Wanelo is a site that allows you to bookmark items that you like but actually allows you to buy those items via direct links from the site.

“We’re looking at Wanelo,” Verma said.  “Wanelo is a much younger demographic so it’s not clear if its going to result in a lot of sales- but we’ll see.”

Piqora has also added a new product called “Gallery” in conjunction with its plans to add more social networks.  The new Gallery mode lets retailers take products that get pinned elsewhere and aggregate them onto their own site.  “Gallery is really an aggregation of brands, trending pins and likes that is embedded on their website and creates a Pinterest type of visual experience,” Verma said.

By placing a Pinterest-type of experience on the company’s website, users are able to see what products are getting pinned on Pinterest.  Gallery also gives users one more way of discovering products on the site and ultimately may lead to more purchases.  The company’s addition of Gallery builds on its recent integration with Google Analytics, CoreMetrics and Omniture, as well as ROI tracking on pins.

Here’s how one gallery looks, on World Market:


“[Our product] integrates with real analytics Omniture to help marketers understand which pins are driving the most amount of revenue and they can map the entire pin to purchase track – they can look at what’s forward trending so it’s a feature pack enterprise analytics, and it will make things interesting in the market,” Verma said.

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