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Hardware production company Pebble will begin selling its long-awaited Pebble Smartwatch in Best Buy stores this week. The watch will be officially available starting July 7 for $149.95, and will come in a “Jet Black” color scheme at launch.

The Pebble Smartwatch, initially brought to life by an immensely successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, is designed to connect to your existing iPhone (or iPod) or Android smartphone, and assists with tasks your phone can already manage. You can see who’s calling you, check incoming text messages, change your music playlist and even track your workouts – all by glancing down at your wrist.

The watch includes a battery-effective e-ink display that can last upwards of a week on a single USB charge, the ability to run applications designed specifically for it, and is waterproof no less. The company has already released an impressive development API that will allow software developers to create new and exciting apps for the watch, adding more functionality and use to your potential purchase.

Heck, you can even use it at the golf course as a rangefinder. Neat, huh?

Though initial shipments of the Pebble Smartwatch will come in ‘Jet Black’, the company has said that ‘Cherry Red’ models are expected to be available in Best Buy stores as early as August. An Arctic White version is also being produced, but no official release window has been given.

Pebble isn’t the only company attempting to cement their position in the smartwatch market, as Apple has recently been filing Japanese trademarks for their long-rumored iWatch, and other manufacturers like Sony and Samsung have been cooking up their own lines of wrist-based tech.

You can get your own Pebble Smartwatch through Best Buy this week, or by ordering one directly from Pebble on their official website.

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