Path, the San Francisco based social networking application which has seen account registrations skyrocket in growth since the company refreshed their mobile applications in late 2011, has just announced the newest, and in some ways most impressive yet, version of their social networking application – for Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, no less.

The new application arrives with help from Amazon, and though the Kindle Fire HD runs a highly modified version of Android 4.0, the new Path application has been completely redesigned from the ground up, featuring a new user interface not found on their standard Android application. Most notable is a new user interface highly optimized for the Kindle Fire HD’s large screen; the standard Android application poorly scales the smartphone UI to fit on larger tablet displays.

Sound good? To download the new application, you can head over to Amazon’s App Store here¬†using your Kindle Fire HD and get downloading. Unfortunately, the application requires the Kindle Fire HD and is incompatible with the less expensive, original Kindle Fire, likely as a result of the basic Kindle Fire’s reliance on Android 2.3, a relatively old version of Android that many new applications have ceased offering support for.

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