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When Opera launched its Coast browser back in September of last year, we thought it was a great new way to browse the web. One thing that stood out to us was how simple intuitive the user interface for Coast actually is. It’s not just a shrunk-down browser, it really is a completely new way to browse the web — in a way Coast turns websites into apps.  To date though, Coast has only been available on the iPad, but that’s about to change. Today, Opera is releasing Coast for the iPhone.

Coast iPhone Screen Shot1Opera Coast for iPhone is pretty much the same as its big brother iPad version with some slight design and UI tweaks in certain areas to better utilize the smaller screen.  If you use Coast on your iPhone and iPad, it will sync the two browsers so you can easily switch back and forth between devices without losing your place.  One of the nice things about the Coast sync feature is that it uses your iCloud account to sync everything so you don’t need to sign-up for another account with Opera.

Of course, Coast for iPhone also includes all of your favorite existing features including the ones from the last big update back in December such as the ability to allow you to listen to in-browser music with a bit less hassle (like on, let you choose how to open/view PDFs, and let you personalize the Coast background wallpaper.

Another thing Opera focused on improving in the new version of Coast is search.  Opera has added a layer of curation to Coast, now related search words and quality website suggestions appear as you type in your search words. Additionally, as you enter an internet address, suggestions for possible sites matching what you have entered pop up, making navigating quicker.

Opera’s latest version of Coast is a pleasure to use, it feels like a natural web browser for the mobile age.  If you haven’t tried it yet, I definitely recommend you download it right now.

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