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As various industries pick up the pace every day, the travel industry keeps up, providing rare escapes from our exciting yet often draining routines. From romantic excursions on white sand beaches to hikes up far-off peaks, travel plans continue to dominate our dreams as we excitedly scribble them in the margins of our yearly calendars. Our fantasy adventures become more daring each season, which has made just booking a vacation an experience unto itself, sometimes intense enough to feel like a second job. While digital booking has allowed us to personalize itineraries, it has simultaneously drained us to the point where we need a vacation, even if our dream trip is still months away.

The burden on would-be travelers starts at the top, where those who dominate the travel industry are trying to cement their prime positions. Companies like and Expedia impose high distribution costs on airlines and hotels, which subsequently transform into fees imposed on travelers, from processing fees to commission fees. These add-ons can create quite the headache, depressing even the most energetic travel bug.

That is until comes in and shifts the paradigm with a personalized travel booking experience, rejuvenating your bug in the process. Nustay uses big data and algorithms to secure huge savings for customers when they book their own travel plans. The company shows non-public rates, which separates it from more traditional booking engines like Kayak, and has helped Nustay offer hotel discounts of up to 72% on its unique platform.

Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, CEO of, calls his company “transparent, fair, and quite frankly the biggest and cheapest hotel booking company that no one has ever heard of.” In light of new developments, many more people are about to acquaint themselves with Nustay’s benefits. The company just announced a series of new partnerships that will make it the largest travel marketplace anywhere your travels can take you. While Nustay has already earned a name for itself by guaranteeing competitive hotel prices, the company is expanding its inventory in late 2018. Discounts are expected for everything from hotels and flights, to on-the-ground activities at travel destinations, like concerts, water parks, and safaris.

Of course, even with Nustay outperforming its competitors, it could take time for consumers to ditch the titans of the travel industry. Familiarity breeds comfort, no less so in travel, an industry in which unorthodox search engines are often viewed with suspicion. As investors and customers consider the brands competing to make their lives easier, the perceived instability of blockchain technology could remain a stigma. But as differences in price become too substantial to ignore, customers will inevitably turn to platforms that make booking travel plans a walk in the park. Expedia or Kayak won’t be vacationing any time soon, as they deal with Nustay taking the leap from peripheral player to travel-booking behemoth.

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