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notepad++logoThe Notepad application bundled with Windows is useful if you just want to jot down a quick note, or make a small edit to some code. But what if you spend most of your day knee-deep in HTML, JavaScript, PHP, or some other language?

Enter Notepad++, a more advanced text editing application built for Windows users.

Notepad++ takes the simplicity of Notepad and adds the features you likely wish Notepad had, such as the ability to keep multiple files open in separate tabs, and syntax highlighting so the code you’re editing isn’t one giant blob of black text. You can also record and playback macros, which can come in handy if you regularly perform certain actions on a file.

Once you install Notepad++, it’s sure to become your go-to text editor, even if you’re not constantly hammering out code for your development projects.

Key Features:

  • Syntax highlighting & folding (including user-defined syntax)
  • Customizable user interface
  • Tab view for opening and editing multiple documents
  • Macro recording & playback
  • Bookmarks

Notepad++ is authored by Don Ho, and is available as a free download for Windows.

Download Notepad++

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