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Nintendo had a pretty good 2014, but let’s not kid ourselves: the company can’t really afford bad news. Yet that’s exactly what Nintendo seems to have sought out by eliminating the AC adapter from every New 3DS bundle.

Nintendo claims the move will save consumers money, because those who already own a 3DS or DSi will have the adapter handy.

Let’s talk about why this is entirely stupid.

nintendoFirst off, those who do own the 3DS or the DSi will likely try to sell those systems. I can tell you from experience that it’s harder to move an item when it doesn’t include a charger, especially a proprietary one like Nintendo’s. It’s not like those older dual-screen systems used Micro-USB or something, so people don’t just have those cords laying around. Sellers of older handhelds will likely include the charger, which means they’ll have to buy a new one from Nintendo. That’s annoying.

But the biggest slap in the face is saved for those who are new to the Nintendo family. Those folks are the ones who are really getting screwed here. Most will likely buy the New 3DS having no idea that an AC adapter isn’t included. They may even be buying it as a gift. Imagine waking up on Christmas and realizing that your new game system with a non-removable, rechargeable battery didn’t include a freaking charging cable. Apple doesn’t even pull that nonsense.

As I look at the devices around my home, I’m unable to find one that didn’t come with a charging cable — especially those that have built-in rechargeable batteries. Not including that cable? Unheard of. I’ve never bought a smartphone, or a tablet, or a handheld game system that didn’t include one.

It’s just bizarre. The AC adapter can’t cost Nintendo all that much to manufacture and include in the package. And, honestly, the whole bit about trying to save consumers money sounds like a load of crap. This move benefits Nintendo tremendously, and it’ll again hit the wallets of most New 3DS buyers.

Is it really worth the bad PR to do this? Should Nintendo press on, I suppose we’ll all find out.

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