President Zuckerberg? It seems unlikely

There has been a lot of speculation lately that Zuck is planning a bid for the presidency at some point in the future, perhaps as soon as 2020 or 2024. Between the news about Facebook restructuring stock so Zuck can sell his shares to fund he and his wife's initiative (and still maintain control over … [Read more...]

How 3D printers can save lives

3D printing is transforming healthcare models that effectively help doctors and surgeons to save lives. If you're not familiar with 3D printing, it is creating a new object from digital file. A 3D printer operates much like a similar way as regular printer papers. The difference is that, it uses threads, … [Read more...]

It’s ‘April in Paris’ for the burgeoning French tech scene

Part of the job of a tech journalist is monitoring the startup industry as it develops around the world. That means we have to be aware of where the up and coming startup hotspots are. Here in the US, most of the talk centers around emerging startup hubs that are joining Silicon Valley as sources of … [Read more...]

Strange Facebook bug is killing everyone

I mean, it's either a bug or the overlords finally pulled the plug on our simulation. Oddly enough, I don't appear to have been affected by this... so take that as you will. I'll miss Ev (Mandy). … [Read more...]

Strategic partnerships could be the solution to over-monitoring problems in medtech

Medtech innovation will always be at the forefront of the tech scene. As the world continues to focus more and more on health, diet, and the “path to living a long and healthy life,” tech entrepreneurs want to keep the momentum on healthy living going by creating innovative devices that make living a healthy … [Read more...]

Voice is the next major computing frontier and the transition is already underway

Up until recently, voice recognition technology progressed slowly with a series of what seemed to be false starts, unable to accelerate beyond the Valley. Though the brains behind the voices of Siri, Alexa, and others may still be less intelligent than the average fifth grader, their rapidly-improving … [Read more...]

Thanks to Zebra, predictive medicine just got a boost from our robot overlords

It seems that more and more the medical community is turning to less than obvious sources in order to increase the accuracy and reliability of diagnosis. From cancer sniffing dogs to Pigeons deciphering MRI images, caregivers are dedicated to finding even the most bizarre ways to increase early diagnosis … [Read more...]

Startups: Here to Help, or Eliminate Your Job Entirely?

There are many startups and machines that have emerged and continue to emerge, that may wipe out others in their industry. Their goal is to squash whoever is their current competition, and come out on top. In filling the need, they want to replace everyone else involved. The approach is more “eat or be … [Read more...]

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