JFrog wants to become your all-in-one DevOps solution

As we start 2017, it has become more apparent than ever that all companies, tech or non-tech, are slowly transforming themselves into software enterprises. Software has become the most important aspect of all companies, because essentially, it is what makes the world of business go round. Take for example, nation-wide … [Read more...]

President Zuckerberg? It seems unlikely

There has been a lot of speculation lately that Zuck is planning a bid for the presidency at some point in the future, perhaps as soon as 2020 or 2024. Between the news about Facebook restructuring stock so Zuck can sell his shares to fund he and his wife's initiative (and still maintain control over Facebook), the fact he … [Read more...]

Hello? It’s me, your Touch Bar

Hello, remember me? It's me, your shiny new Touch Bar, located directly above your keyboard on your shiny new MacBook Pro. I light up occasionally with app options, sound and brightness controls, word and emoji suggestions, and even those old fangled function keys if you tap me the right way. I'm hoping you can … [Read more...]

Is this proof Apple has given up on the Mac Pro?

Is this search result proof Apple has given up on the Mac Pro? I just did a Google search for "Mac Pro" and decided to click on the top ad link titled "Mac Pro" which went directly to, however, I didn't end up exactly where I thought I would land (the Mac Pro page, obviously), instead it went to the MacBook Pro … [Read more...]

Review: G-Technology 500GB G-DRIVE slim SSD USB-C Portable Drive

Recently, I purchased a 15-inch Late 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, but I was faced with a conundrum -- what external drive should I use for my backups? I own a WD Passport Ultra, which has faithfully served me in the past for backups, but it isn't a native USB-C drive. I mean, sure I could use my USB to USB-C dongle that … [Read more...]

Can the new MacBook Pro battery life issues be solved with a macOS update?

So I'm joining the club of people who are experiencing battery issues with their new MacBook Pro's with Touch Bar. Yesterday, I eek'd out about 3.5-4 hours of battery life on my brand new MacBook Pro. The problem, is that, Apple claims battery life with regular usage should be around 10-hours. I wasn't editing videos or … [Read more...]

How 3D printers can save lives

3D printing is transforming healthcare models that effectively help doctors and surgeons to save lives. If you're not familiar with 3D printing, it is creating a new object from digital file. A 3D printer operates much like a similar way as regular printer papers. The difference is that, it uses threads, plastic or heated … [Read more...]

It’s ‘April in Paris’ for the burgeoning French tech scene

Part of the job of a tech journalist is monitoring the startup industry as it develops around the world. That means we have to be aware of where the up and coming startup hotspots are. Here in the US, most of the talk centers around emerging startup hubs that are joining Silicon Valley as sources of innovation and tech … [Read more...]

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