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If you’re in the market for some top quality tech at reasonable prices, you’re probably already well aware of Newegg, the ultimate electronics online retailer. While Newegg already has some exceptional prices, the company is looking to spice up the deal even more with their new Newegg Premier membership program, currently in beta. Newegg Premier works in very much the same vein as Amazon’s Prime membership program – customers pay an annual fee up front, and in exchange you get special deals, free expedited shipping on all items, free returns, and more.

In fact, for those interested in just the basics, Newegg Premier is actually a much better deal than Amazon Prime — Newegg Premier is launching with an annual price tag of just $49.99, significantly less expensive than Amazon’s annual asking price of $79 for Prime – and there are even some rumors cropping up around the Internet that Amazon is considering raising the price of Prime even more anywhere from an additional $20 to $40 per year, which would make this Newegg deal look even more appealing.

Of course, Newegg doesn’t offer customers quite so much bang for the buck as the company is lacking a large selection of on demand streaming television shows and movies, but we’re willing to bet you’ll appreciate having that extra dough in your pocket – especially if you’re already a Netflix subscriber as I am. Newegg Premier is now available, so head on over and check it out.

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