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With rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement swirling daily, it looks as if the latest leak regarding the device has surfaced some interesting new user interface elements. Specifically, the new shots appear to showcase an overhauled Google Now look.

Historical leak garden @EvLeaks has released the below photos of the UI in question on Twitter. From reminders of purchases made, to events on your calendar, to delivered packages, completed workouts, and media shared with you by friends, this interface for Google’s lively daily scheduling feature for Android is looking pretty sharp.


The amalgamation of the clean rectangles, hi-res photos, and simplification of information produces a really clean at-a-glance schedule of your day, and does a great job of pulling in information from all of your apps.

It certainly has my ears perked for more announcements regarding the S5, if that’s even what they decide to call it. We won’t know until they make an official announcement. If we do get an announcement of the phone, it will likely be out of the Mobile World Congress in February, so stay tuned.

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