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Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no windows, electricity, and/or connectivity of any kind this summer, you’re more than likely aware that Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system, iOS 7, signifies a serious departure in terms of design from anything Apple’s ever released. As such, developers are quickly scrambling to figure out how best to design their applications to best flow with iOS 7’s new flat design.

A new blog dubbed “Made for iOS 7” is a quickly growing collection of examples of applications developed and designed with iOS 7 in mind. The site, which is maintained by Steve Streza, details new and old applications alike and gives future users of iOS 7 a good idea of how third party applications will look after iOS 7 drops. The general consensus? Faux-leather is out, flat designs, clean lines, and gradients are in.

Unfortunately for consumers however, a general trend thus far is that many developers agree that such a radical rethinking of application design requires a clean break from the past. Expect to have to re-purchase many of your favorite applications in order to get that shiny new “made for iOS 7” feeling.

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