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iOS developers, now would be the time to check the iOS Developer Center – Apple has just released an update to their upcoming iOS 7 beta operating system, dubbed iOS 7 beta 2. Although Apple is sparse on the specific release notes as usual, saying only that it provides “improvements and bug fixes”, we can confirm that iOS 7 beta 2 does contain support for the iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPad with Retina display products as well as the usual array of iPhones and the iPod touch. The previous beta was lacking iPad beta support, however enterprising hackers had managed to get a sneak peak at an unfinished version of iOS 7 for iPad on the iOS Simulator available on XCode.

We can also confirm that iOS 7 beta 2 marks the return of the Voice Memos application, which was notably absent from iOS 7 beta 1. As iOS 7 is very much a work in progress, it is safe to assume that there are likely many more changes and modifications to the radical new user interface that can be found in beta 2.

You can download the update via the Apple Developer Center or if you are already running iOS 7 beta 1, you can upgrade directly via the Software Update feature found in Settings > General > Software Update.

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