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Despite the fact that it’s not set to be revealed until March 25, there seems to be no shortage of information about the HTC All New One, the follow-up to the smartphone maker’s flagship handset. One of the most interesting details to come out of the various rumors and leaks lately is that the phone will sport a dual-camera set-up—and a new advertisement directly from HTC itself seems to confirm that it’s real, and that it’ll be one of the handset’s most touted features.

htc-all-new-oneHTC’s Tiwtter account yesterday posted the above picture, along with the message that “On March 25th, life will become twice as beautiful.” And as you can see, each of the six images offers up doubles: two puppies, two tasty cups of coffee, two giraffes. And they’re pictures. Like, the kind taken with a camera. And the tagline says that life will become twice as beautiful.

What I’m saying is I think I’m seeing a theme here.

So, it seems to go without saying at this point that the new HTC phone will, yes, have a dual camera set-up on the back, in addition to the almost-standard front-facing camera. A post on CNET about the ad offers up a possible explanation for the dual lenses, saying that it could allow “users to capture photos at different focal lengths and aperture settings, merging them into one image,” and that it could lead “to higher dynamic range, better focusing, and improved low-light performance.”

Until we can see it in action, we’ll only be able to speculate about how a dual camera lens would work. If it catches on, it could be the next big innovation to come to smartphones. But I don’t think that the ad is only a tacit confirmation of the dual cameras. I think it’s a hint as to the actual name of what’s being referred to as the All New One, which, sorry, is kind of dumb.

You follow up a phone named One? You call it Two. Come on—that’s got to be it.

Considering the dual camera, the emphasis on twos, I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t called the HTC Two by the time it was revealed later this month.

[Source: CNET, Twitter]

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