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It was just the other day when I was browsing the App Store on my iPad when I stumbled across an app called Neverthink. Intrigued, I tapped on it and started reading the app description, Neverthink is designed to be an “effortless and fun experience mimicking the lean-back experience of TV.”

The app uses human curators who scour the web for video content from various sources including YouTube and Reddit. Neverthink takes its human curation approach seriously denouncing the use of algorithms. The curators add hours of new video content to the app every day into pre-defined channels. Some channels include: AWWW, Business News, Food, Tech News, Learn something, LOL, Millennial AF, and Travel.

This past weekend Mandy and I spent a good hour or so watching content from various Neverthink channels while lying in bed. It was a fun and seamless experience. The playlists curated by the editorial team are really, really good. That’s not to say I didn’t find myself skipping past some videos, but overall, I was happy with the selection. To be honest, the channel I disliked the most was the Memes channel–but that may be because I’m now an old fart who isn’t up-to-date on the latest internet memeage. 

As more people start using the internet as a way to fill their down time as opposed to TV, I predict these types of apps will continue to become more popular. There’s so much video content online these days, finding the good stuff can be tough, and I think that’s what Neverthink is trying to do [find the good stuff] with their human curated approach. Props to them.

Download the Neverthink app today and I guarantee you’ll look like this soon enough.

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