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We’ve all had this happen to us, your significant other or roommate completely messes up your Netflix recommendations because they watch some chick flick or terrible foreign indie film.  Good news!  That won’t be a problem for much longer, Netflix will soon allow subscribers to set multiple user profiles on a single account.  The new multiple user profiles will start rolling out later this summer, according to a Netflix spokesman at E3.

The testing is expected to be finished by August, which is also when the new feature would go live.  Netflix expects that accounts will be able to have either five or six user profiles (still being fully decided on) for different users to store their taste preferences on one account, this would allow Netflix’s recommendation engine to serve up personalized movie and TV show recommendations for family members or roommates sharing a single Netflix subscription.

You can see the prototype of the start screen (as shown above), with different avatars for different members of a single family.  It’s important to note that this is just a prototype of the start screen and the look and feel is still in testing, meaning that the final product could look different when rolled out later this summer.

I’m sure this feature will stop a lot of fights.  Who’s excited?

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