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I just read an article by MG Siegler titled, “Another Netflix Content Idea: Saving Cancelled Cult Hits” and while I think his idea is an interesting one, I don’t necessarily agree that it’s the right move for Netflix.  Instead, I would recommend Netflix look at potential TV shows that were pitched to networks that didn’t make the cut.  In many cases, a show that doesn’t make the cut may not necessarily be a bad show, it may just not fit the needs of the network.

Instead of bringing back shows which flopped on networks due to poor ratings or just not gaining an audience quick enough, Netflix should be looking at shows which are new and (hopefully) original.  This is why it’s such a big deal that Netflix acquired the rights to “House of Cards.”  Brand new shows would give Netflix the ability to promote the content without people having any pre-existing feelings/thoughts towards a particular show.  So how exactly would that be more beneficial?  I’ll tell you.

If people are interested in the promotional material, they may very well sign up for a Netflix account to see the first episode of the show.  Right off the bat, Netflix is increasing its subscriber base.  On top of that, the new subscribers will be exposed to what else Netflix has to offer, which of course, will most likely hook them in even if they end not liking the new show.

If Netflix were to focus on bringing back these “cult hits” as MG calls them, they would be severely limiting themselves.  MG has some pretty generous predictions (in my opinion), on how many new subscribers a cancelled show would bring to Netflix.  He predicts that a show such as Firefly would bring in (potentially) another 500,000 new subscribers.  That would be a 2.5% increase (currently Netflix has approximately 20 million subscribers) in subscribers, again, it’s a pretty generous assumption.  Not to mention, Netflix already has Firefly available, so chances are people who care about the show may already be subscribers.

Nonetheless, whatever Netflix ends up doing, I’m sure it will continue to disrupt the industry.

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