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If you’ve got yourself a quick broadband connection and access to a Netflix subscription, you’ll find that your HD Instant Watch streams are looking just that little bit better. Netflix has announced that they have opened up their “Super HD” streams, which were previously exclusive to just a handful of ISPs and configurations, to the entire net wielding population.

Super HD, which is Netflix’s fancy branding for 1080p HD with less compression, should be available to everyone as we speak, regardless of your platform or player. This includes the PC, Roku, Apple TV, as well as high definition video game consoles (i.e., not the original Nintendo Wii) such as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U.

Of course, Netflix points out that Super HD will only be available to those with quick enough internet connections to display the content without unacceptable buffering due to the service’s “adaptive streaming” technology. But if you’ve got an internet connection fast enough, your Netflix experience just got that little bit better.

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