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The struggles of youth are real. With the new school year starting, college students have two things to keep up with – their studies and the Kardashians. While life on a ramen noodles budget may keep the brain sharp, it does nothing for students’ social lives. However, with technology deeply embedded in our daily lives, young adults are now turning to smartphones to solve their financial woes.

There are a number of ingenious ways to earn more cash and get cool stuff from the comfort of your own dorm room. Students can sell their used stuff on eBay or Amazon, sell their services on Fiverr, or sell their creations on Etsy. However, the world is mobile, and your chances of winning free stuff should be as well. Enter myRobinHood, a giveaway app that wants to give college students some of their favorite things for free.

myRobinHood is working with top brands including Netflix, Kylie Cosmetics, Topshop, Birchbox, Nasty Gal, Revolve, and Boohoo, clearly appealing to a millennial demographic. The app also claims to have a simple, one-step sign in process. Rather than having to watch videos, or complete specific tasks, users can enter any giveaway by signing up with Facebook, Twitter, or email.


One of myRobinHood’s main draws for the month of August is two tickets to a sold-out iHeartRadio festival, which is featuring some of the biggest names in pop. These type of high-profile giveaways don’t just draw in potential users, they also entice brands to work with the app. myRobinHood is offering brands a way to increase exposure, and promote a loyal brand following.

According to Oren Salmon, CEO of myRobinHood, the company’s goal is to become the go-to app in the rewards market for millennials. It seems that the app is doing so by leveraging names  millennials know and love such as Kylie Jenner, the face and founder of Kylie Cosmetics, and Netflix, the beloved streaming site, and a key player in “Netflix and Chill.”

While myRobinHood seems to have all the ingredients necessary to satisfy the average college student, it remains to be seen whether that alone will be enough to make this platform successful. With giveaways geared mostly towards females of a very specific age, myRobinHood will need to become very popular, very quickly, in order to put themselves at the top of the app charts.

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