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Muzzy is a brand new app for OS X that lets you easily control your iTunes library straight from your menu bar.  Once you download Muzzy from the Mac App Store, the app sits neatly in your menu bar, which is great because it doesn’t take up any screen or dock real estate.

muzzy-album-artIf you click on the menu bar icon, the cover art for the current song playing will appear, and you can also slide your mouse across (and click) the cover art to skip through parts of the song.  The menu bar drop down also shows how far along you are in the song.  Additionally, you can click the icon in the top right corner of the album art and have Muzzy bring up a list of tracks within that album, making it super easy to switch between songs in an album.  Muzzy will also display track changes and song lyrics (if you have them).

Additional features include the ability to “scrobble” your tracks to your account (if you have one) and something called Plugout, which when enabled, will automatically pause your music if you’re listening with headphones and they come unplugged.

I’m told by developer, Pedro Vieira, that version of 2.0 of Muzzy is in the works and will sport several new features including, the ability to browse your entire iTunes library from Muzzy (as opposed to just being able to browse the current album playing), users will also be able to share now playing statuses to social networks, and Muzzy will automatically download lyrics for your songs.  I was also told that there will also be an update in the near future which will allow you to have Muzzy launch when iTunes opens, as opposed to having to select the option to have the app launch on login.


Muzzy is a great little app and iTunes companion, definitely worth checking out.

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