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Why would you want to  actually type a Tweet about what you are listening too when you can just tap your headphones and let everyone know on social media that you love a new band called the SpacePimps (yes, they do exist)?

Startup Muzik has launched what they call world’s first smart socially connected headphone, joining Google, Apple and others that are entering the wearable technology space.  The on-ear wireless headphones allow you to Tweet and post to Facebook with a swipe of the earpiece, while offering high-fidelity audio and a compact design.

“The headphones are equipped with swipe touch technology for function controls and capacitive touch gesture controls with four touchpoints, which are natively integrated into the social media,” said Jason Hardi, Muzik’s CEO and Founder.  “By touching the respective touchpoint, users can share their music on Facebook and Twitter, save music tracks to a playlist as well as on Muzik’s own software application.”


The accompanying app, which works with both iPhone and Android, and can learn what you listen to and make it simple to send songs to anyone in the world.  Aside from being able to scroll through songs and adjust volume by touching the right earpiece, the headphones also have a built in accelerometer, sensing a lack of motion.  So, for example, when you place the headphones around your neck, your music will automatically pause to save battery life.  The Muzik headphones, which have been in the making for nine months,  are both Bluetooth- and Siri-enabled.  Hardi is hoping the headphones will change the way people listen to music and spur growth in a new space the company has coined “Social Smartware.”

“I think people will be really excited for the ability to socially discover, share, listen and experience music– all with the touch of a finger,” he said.  “Consumers will no longer use their headphones for listening to music or talking on the phone, they’ll be able to do so much more.”

Developers are going to be happy too.  Muzik plans to open its API to developers so that they can make customized adjustments like rearranging the headphones’ hot keys or customizing its proximity sensors.  The Muziks, which launch in the fourth quarter of 2013, will set you back $299.  Hardi is hoping they will catch on like other wearable technology has.

“What Google glass is doing for the eyes, Muzik is hoping to bring to our ears,” he said.

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