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There are no shortage of headphone options these days. As Bluetooth gets better, hardware makers are putting out better quality – and better looking – headphones that are free from the tangled wires that once plagued audiophiles. Now a company called Munitio is making a big push on Kickstarter to bring its latest Bluetooth headphones – the Pro30 – to your earholes.

In the first four days of its crowdfunding campaign, Munitio managed to raise its $125,000 goal for the Pro30. With over half the campaign left to go, the Pro30 has nearly double that amount too – at the time of this writing, it’s sitting pretty at $218,907. While Kickstarter success is no indication of long term longevity, it looks a whole lot like Munitio is doing something right.

pro30-foldPart of it must have to do with the design of the Pro30 itself. Munitio promises super-high sound fidelity. The phones also fold up for easy storage, offer the option of a cabled connection, and can even sync with up to two devices simultaneously. The fact that the Kickstarter pre-order price of $160 is almost fully half off the planned $300 retail price doesn’t hurt either.

Munitio has proven itself before, having successfully released the Nines to great success a few years ago. In fact, Munitio was acquired by a larger corporation back in 2010, but the company’s founder decided to put his life savings back into buying it back to its independence. The Kickstarter campaign for the Pro30 is part of his redemption story, and so far they seem to be well on their way. Who knows how much more money the Pro30 will raise? And how long will it be before wearing Beats makes you look “so 2014”? The Pro30 might just give Dre and his headphones a run for their money…

[Pro30 on Kickstarter]

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