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Details on Motorola’s forthcoming and formerly unrevealed flagship smartphone, the Moto X, have, yet again, been leaked. As usual, the news comes from a number of significant leaks on numerous tech resources like @evleaks and The Unlocker.

Motorola is set to unveil this phone officially next week, but effectively teased the device (with great promise) earlier this month. But since we have all the fine Moto X details for all you fine folks right now, we’ll just cut to the chase and dish out the good stuff.

The Moto X is a slender, stock-Android-based smartphone being built in the United States. It comes with a customizable Kevlar back plate (available in multiple colors), and has a large rear-facing speaker for the sharing of music and video content aloud with your friends.


In a slightly more technical vein, the Moto X is said to house a 4.5-inch touchscreen that’s smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S but still large enough to eat a small snack off of (should you find yourself in such a situation). As far as processing power goes, reports are indicating that the Moto X will contain an older member of the dual-core Snapdragon processor family.

It’s all powered by a respectable 2,200 mAH internal battery, meaning you’ll likely get some impressive longevity out of a single charge. For what price the phone will be available at, we don’t quite know yet – but we will soon enough.

The Moto X is being slated as Google and Motorola’s next big mainstream device designed for moms, pops, kids, and anyone who’s thinking about divorcing their iPhone in favor of jumping on the Android bandwagon. It’s not a powerhouse phone designed for the gadget nerd you may or may not be, but it’s a simple-looking device with some refined features that could help Motorola gain additional traction in the mobile market.

But it’s not official yet, so don’t tell anyone… ok?

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