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Are you in the market for a new smartphone, on a tight budget, but want to get something powerful enough that you can use comfortable for years to come? Until now, the best answer would probably have been the Moto G – a quad core phone running stock Android 4.3 for just $179 (or $99, if you’re okay with a Verizon CDMA version). Now, however, Motorola is giving you the chance to pick up a bigger, badder, and much better phone for an outrageously low price. On January 27th, for just one hour, Motorola will be selling the high end Moto X 16GB for just $299 – $100 off retail price.

To get the deal, you’ll need to act quick – the phone is only valid at that price on Monday, January 27th from 3pm – 4pm EST. Supplies are likely to be limited, so you’ll probably want to head over to Moto Maker sooner rather than later. Motorola will be offering all versions of the Moto X for this low price, so no matter if you’re on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile you’ll be able to pick up the version that supports your carrier’s network bands.

If the basic 16GB model isn’t your cup of tea, Motorola is also offering the 32GB Moto X the same $100 off, bringing the phone to $349 – another great deal for a phone with a lot of space. Or, if you’re the type of person who enjoy playing with your phone’s firmware on a nightly basis, Motorola will also be offering the Moto X Developer Edition for the same $100 off at $349. The same restrictions apply for both of these phones, so no matter what model you want you’ll want to jump on it fast.

If you’re busy and will absolutely have no access to the internet on the 27th, don’t fret – Motorola will also be offering $70 off the 16GB Moto X from January 27th to February 14th. That’s still a great deal for the Moto X, an Android phone that I would personally recommend to anyone looking for a quality smartphone. But if you’re quick, that $100 off deal will sure be hard to beat.

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