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Apple has posted another few job listings in the realm of virtual reality, which seems to once again indicate its grand designs in that space. Will we see an iPhone-sized VR headset released before the end of the year?

The listing is for a senior display systems engineer, the summary for which says “display systems design and development related to VR environments.” Furthermore, among the “Key Qualifications” Apple’s looking for is that candidates be able to “design and select appropriate hardware and software components to optimize fidelity in a variety of VR environments.”

Additionally, Apple’s also looking for a senior display software engineer, summarized as “computer graphics software engineering to support VR systems.” So that’s hardware and that’s software. Seems like Apple is covering both angles, as usual.

Just last week, news hit of a patent awarded to Apple for a virtual reality headset designed specifically for the iPhone – apparently not unlike the Gear VR, among others. And late last year, Apple also started looking to hire new employees in the virtual reality field. Whatever they’re doing, it looks like they want to do more of it.

That said, just because Apple’s exploring an idea doesn’t mean that we’ll ever actually see the fruits of those labors. This is one of the biggest companies in the world – computers, electronics, or whatever – so Apple might simply be building a virtual reality device to see different ways that it can work in that space. The entire enterprise could be an exercise in feasibility. If Apple doesn’t see a way it can do something new and different in that space, it might simply mothball the whole thing and rescue a few of the interesting nuggets for a new project. Then again – maybe we’ll get Apple VR by Christmas. Okay, probably not.

[Source: Apple via 9to5Mac]

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