More iPhone 6 Rumors: Two Phones, No Curves, Big Screens, Metal Casing

As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” There seems to be enough smoke regarding Apple’s plans for the iPhone 6 that a call to the fire department may be in order. Today, the Wall Street Journal is jumping in on the rumor-mongering, saying that the iPhone 6 will come in two versions with screens larger than four inches, with one version to climb up into five-plus-inches territory—much of which we’d heard just the other day. The debut of the iPhablet draws nigh.

According to the post, both versions will be built using the metal casing found on the iPhone 5S, while the colorful, plastic shell on the iPhone 5c will be swept into Apple’s dustbin of failed ideas. And considering how well most of its products do, the less expensive iPhone 5c is conspicuous by its existence—but I digress.

The post also re-ups on the rumor that the iPhone 6 won’t feature a curved display, showing that while Apple may be heading for the phablet trend, they’re not ready to pursue the curved smartphone fad that LG and Samsung are chasing. Even still, it’s worth remembering that Apple was recently awarded a patent for making improved curved displays—if nothing else, it seems likely that the company will start bending its screens for the eventual debut of the iWatch.

Interestingly, the WSJ post offers up an explanation for the increase in phablet handsets, and why Apple may embrace what otherwise seems like a deviation from its usual modus operandi. Apparently huge-screened phones are big in China, and the company badly wants to succeed in that territory.

We certainly won’t know for sure how much of this—if any of it—is true until Apple gets things going at WWDC on June 10, where the company typically unveils its newest products. And even then, we may be left in the dark about the fabled iPhablet until later in the year, when these rumors peg the device as being released.

But one of the reasons why the iPhone has enjoyed so much success is because of its svelte, stylish form-factor. I have to wonder whether or not increasing the size of the screen will be welcomed by Apple’s biggest fans. I personally don’t know, never particularly wanting an iPhone myself. If you’re an iPhone adherent, let us know what you think about a bigger screened iPhone 6—or an iPhablet—in the comments below.

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    1. I think you may be on to something with the display size, capacitive button, memory and ram, but I can’t see Apple going with a micro-SD slot at all and probably not with the front-facing 8MP camera, but that is always possible.

  1. It’s a distinct possibility, but part of the design philosophy behind the iPhone is that you should be able to operate it single-handedly, which is easily possible even with the 5 and 5S’s elongated screen. If the width were to increase, that may just make single-handed operation a little tricky unless you have larger than average hands or very long fingers. I can see it happening, particularly after what you wrote about the Chinese market, but I’d stick with the slimmer model. Oh, and JMD, I beg to differ in oipinion about the iPhone looking obsolete, and I think millions would agree with me on that one. You are welcome to your opinion, of course.

    1. I agree with you that single-handed operation is an unique feature of iPhone, but I can’t fugure out another way to innovate its appearance apparently if not enlarge its screen. By the way,I am a Chinese, I don’t like huge-screen phone personally. haha

      1. i don’t think so,why almost all the phones are rectangle?why the are forced on the size of screen ?there have some other way to innovative its appearance,be the way i am also a Chinese. I don’t like the huge screen too ,i wonder if there have a phone with unique design

    2. All they will do is make a keyboard the shifts to the side in size to allow single handed typing. I predict that this will be the first phone where battery life will promised a full day charge with heavy usage due to the larger size allowing more space for battery. If not, I might be out. I want a phone that last all day with the heavy amount of usage needed for a small business owner that isn’t sitting at a desk all day. Although I don’t know if I could put up with the shit camera system that is offered on every other platform. Even the Nokia 40+ megapixel phone . That cameras color temperature is just as crappy as every android.

        1. Hard core i users will never change. In their eyes, ‘others’ are crap, no matter how others is far superior than the ‘icráp’.

  2. If the iPhone 6 is bigger than the 5s it will be the first time in its history that I will not want a new iPhone. I will upgrade to the 5S and leave it at that.

  3. I would love a bigger screen on the new iPhone. Deciding weather to wait for the 6 and see what they come out with or get something with a bigger screen.

  4. I want it! But the pricetag? I don’t want it when it will be +€550 or more! I like my 5S but i think there can be more features on it like Samsung! He is to expensive for what he can do :(

  5. Most comments are outdated. The one-hand-operation-argument is nice for a phone, but 95% of the use is data related these days. Really, screen factor is the one reason I have not been buying Iphones since the 3GS. If they come with a 5 inch, or better a 5,5, inch then I would be a happy iphone owner again.

  6. Despite being a crazy Apple fan, I would NOT upgrade to a 5 inch phone. It takes away the simplicity and convenience which I love. Damn… I have to start looking at Androids :/

  7. The purpose of a phone is to fit in my pocket. If I want to do more, than check my emails, and send messages, or use iphone designed apps, i swith to my Ipad, if not to my MacBook. I believe I should be able to type a text message without using 2 hands ;)

    1. By the way, to people saying that they have problems with battery life of iPhone, I use it every day after a night charge, and so far I have been able to use from 8am till 8 pm without a charge (unless using GPS intensively) and I’m using it for business, so Mails, Safari, Gps, Phone, Pictures, Calendar,…

  8. Really want an IPhablet….as you get older like so many boomers and our eyes are challenged that much more. I hope to see it or I’ll finally have to switch providers after being an early apple adapter.

  9. When I purchased my first smartphone, I researched extensively both the iOS, and Android phones. The iOS won me over. I love my iPhone 4S. I don’t like the 5(S) because it is just an elongated screen (with internal enhancements, of course).
    However, I much prefer the size of the Galaxy phones and am holding out for the iPhone 6 specifically for that reason, even though my battery along with a Mophie Battery Pack won’t last a working day any longer. And as I use GPS extensively this is a MUST for me.
    My dream for the past 10+ years has been to have a computer in my pocket. The iPhone screen makes creating websites, etc. quite challenging due to its small size (elongated makes no difference). However with the new phone potentially having a larger screen, hopefully closer to the Galaxy size, for me, the era of the “computer in the pocket” is finally arriving! And I am excited.

    SpikeyBill wrote: “part of the design philosophy behind the iPhone is that you should be able to operate it single-handedly…” Really? I never knew that and therefore for me it absolutely has no impact on my understanding of the benefits of a larger screen.

  10. Oh hell no, I’m not getting myself a new iphone if its a bigger screen, I like IOS but I’m sorry, I have small hands and a trouser pocket to fit it into, if they REALLY want changes and improvement then I have a long, long list that goes on and on, example I got my Iphone 5s just a week ago and I dropped it on the floor accidentally (barely a meter high) and I’m already starting to see scuffs on the corners of the aluminium body and I’m not liking it even a bit of it!! so therefore they can pour in improvement in that matter; Next they can make it water resistant, because that would be just beyond awesome.they can improve their Screen Glass properties to reduce the chance of shattering when hit by the floor…etc etc

    Therefore big screen is not the only thing (at least not for me).

      1. One of the most important features of an iPhone (phone I’m not specially fond of), is it’s appearance.
        Using a case, is hiding it’s appearance.
        It’s like buying a 10K watch, and keep it in the safe.

  11. OK, so come back with some real, original news. Terrible how these sites fish for clicks by simply quoting/regurgitating other’s work.

  12. If you use apps , and who doesn’t – mean what you need an iPhone if not for usina Apps???!!!!- then, big is better ! Big is deffnetly better . Go Apple go

  13. I recently switched from a Google Nexus to iPhone exactly because I wanted a smaller screen on my phone and use my iPad mini whenever I need a larger screen. An iPhone with a larger screen will be a bad idea.

    1. You should have tried sony z2 compact. The screen size is perfect for single hand use. Plus, it had more feature than iPhone could ever had. Used standard charger too, means you can afford to forget to bring your charger when you travel. The Battery last days, and man how I like to modify the OS to my liking. I used to be i5s user until it decided not to switch on for no particular reason. Spent 290 USD for repair. People claiming iPhone as perfect is just trying to justify their expensive purchase. I gave it to my maid before switching. IPhone = Bad investment.

      1. Sony? Are you kidding? I had a Xperia SL when it was their top of the line and it was “torture”. As if they had designed the device just to annoy poor souls who bought it. The three touch buttons were not sensitive to touch. It heated up and ran out of battery. It was slow. It was heavy. Typing on it was a chore because of a mandatory screen protector on the device. So I’ve banned myself from buying Sony again and advice my clients and friends not to buy one.

  14. Bigger screens. Would love to have the iPhone 6 phablet which probably comes with a 5.5 in screen. Wonderful.

  15. I’m not just an iPhone adherent, I’m more of an Apple addict. I’ve had almost all of the iPhone models since its launch. I don’t think apple will simply replace the 4″ display with a bigget one, as some of the comments suggest, but they’ll provide us with a new option. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a larger screen, as long as I’m still able to operate the device single-handedly. I have no idea wether it’ll be possible or not, though. The only certainty that remains is that Apple’s new phone will still be better than any other available!

  16. I love change! It will be nice to swap my Galaxy Note 3 for an iPhablet – providing they put a nice beefy battery in there.

  17. The reason I never bought an iPhone is its small screen. A 5 inch taller iPhone sounds attractive and surely I’m interested to grab one on availability.

  18. Sadly, Apple has not been “thinking differently” for years. As a creative professional, I switched long ago from the tiny iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet. I can write and draw on my phone, and see ALL web sites with or without Java.

    The decission of Apple for the last 2 years to focus on the low tier Chinese market was a brilliant financial business decision, however the cost to Apple was that it has fallen well behind the competition over the last few years, and completely lost the cutting edge status.

    The entire world, except the USA, has moved to larger phone formats. Luckily for Apple the US has some strange outdated phobia of having a larger phone. 10 years ago, with a dumb phone, the smaller the better. But now with a smart phone I check my emails, look at Word documents, Power Point presentations, PDF files, browse the internet, etc… so why would I want to do all that on a tiny iPhone screen?

    The iPhone, like many Apple products, have become mass brands, meeting mass appeal and needs. I am a devout Apple fan from the very beginning “1984”, but sadly the products are no longer cutting edge.

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