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As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” There seems to be enough smoke regarding Apple’s plans for the iPhone 6 that a call to the fire department may be in order. Today, the Wall Street Journal is jumping in on the rumor-mongering, saying that the iPhone 6 will come in two versions with screens larger than four inches, with one version to climb up into five-plus-inches territory—much of which we’d heard just the other day. The debut of the iPhablet draws nigh.

According to the post, both versions will be built using the metal casing found on the iPhone 5S, while the colorful, plastic shell on the iPhone 5c will be swept into Apple’s dustbin of failed ideas. And considering how well most of its products do, the less expensive iPhone 5c is conspicuous by its existence—but I digress.

The post also re-ups on the rumor that the iPhone 6 won’t feature a curved display, showing that while Apple may be heading for the phablet trend, they’re not ready to pursue the curved smartphone fad that LG and Samsung are chasing. Even still, it’s worth remembering that Apple was recently awarded a patent for making improved curved displays—if nothing else, it seems likely that the company will start bending its screens for the eventual debut of the iWatch.

Interestingly, the WSJ post offers up an explanation for the increase in phablet handsets, and why Apple may embrace what otherwise seems like a deviation from its usual modus operandi. Apparently huge-screened phones are big in China, and the company badly wants to succeed in that territory.

We certainly won’t know for sure how much of this—if any of it—is true until Apple gets things going at WWDC on June 10, where the company typically unveils its newest products. And even then, we may be left in the dark about the fabled iPhablet until later in the year, when these rumors peg the device as being released.

But one of the reasons why the iPhone has enjoyed so much success is because of its svelte, stylish form-factor. I have to wonder whether or not increasing the size of the screen will be welcomed by Apple’s biggest fans. I personally don’t know, never particularly wanting an iPhone myself. If you’re an iPhone adherent, let us know what you think about a bigger screened iPhone 6—or an iPhablet—in the comments below.

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