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Today is a big day at, the company is releasing a number of new features and functionality that have been in the works over the past year. The new release dubbed Monday 2.0 is the next phase in the company’s growth (read: bring on more big enterprise customers) and an effort to bulk up a developer ecosystem around the platform. Speaking with CEO Roy Mann, he explained the company’s approach as building a Work OS, “Salesforce is great for sales, but what about everything else?” he said. The “everything else” is exactly what the new Monday 2.0 wants to address for its customers.

I’ve written before about the company and its product which helps businesses improve productivity and processes through its platform. After I learned about I even purchased a subscription for us to use at BestTechie. For us, the platform allows us to easily create and manage content calendars, internal todo lists, and thanks to integrations we use to keep track of podcast episodes and guests as well as to automatically notify guests when their episode goes live (with just the click of a button).

Monday 2.0: The Work OS

With today’s Monday 2.0 release, everything the company has built so far is being taken to the next level. The company is expanding its platform to allow developers who want to work with the platform to signup and offer their integrations, automations, etc to existing customers. Initially this will be limited to existing software providers but will eventually open up to anyone, including the launch of a marketplace for both customers and developers.

The real beauty of all of this is that technical teams and business partners can now easily develop and package their own building blocks and create custom business apps – for any workflow, UI, or web and mobile experience – on top of the platform.

This streamlines switching between applications and eliminates dual data entry. will be providing an app toolkit to the developer community to build whatever they need for their respective workflows. From new building blocks (e.g. new chart widgets, new UI components) to actually building complete applications, this new feature will open up an myriad of new functionalities.

In addition to these releases, the company has new updates on the way for its mobile app as well.

Company growth and future

As of now, has over 100k paying customers and in 2019 the company went from $50 million in revenue to $120 million. This year, the plan is to double that number to $240 million. To do that, the company has implemented a consultancy group within the organization to onboard large enterprise customers. They will also continue to spend big money on marketing and advertising to their target customers: the 1.3 billion information workers around the world. This is important to them because of their bottom-up usage tactics: get people within an organization using the platform and have it spread organically.

If there’s one thing CEO Roy Mann is bullish on it’s this shift towards building a Work OS, “This year the market is going to understand that this is a new category,” he said at the end of our call and you know — I think he’s right.

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