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For mobile app developers, the appeal of blockchain is obvious – decentralized data storage means that developers are no longer reliant on a few servers for operational or beholden to a few distributors like Google Play or Apple’s App Store. The creative freedom and enhanced reliability of blockchain comes with a development learning curve so high, however, that we’ve yet to see significant inroads into blockchain apps.

All that looks like it’s about to change. Developers, meet Mobilechain, StartApp’s new blockchain platform for mobile apps. Mobilechain enables mobile app developers to create blockchain-based apps easily with its unique SDK (software development kit). This SDK will empower developers with pre-developed blockchain technologies that will enable them to integrate secure crypto wallets, including managing keys and accessing cryptocurrencies within their apps. Smart contracts will be easier with Mobilechain as well, with mobile app publishers able to achieve faster and easier in-app peer-to-peer transactions with pre-created smart contract templates. The SDK will also enable developers to build their own cryptoeconomies, rewarding users with cryptocurrencies for visiting physical stores or contributing user-generated content.

Since all blockchain integration is done through the Mobilechain platform, developers won’t need blockchain expertise to create apps. Mobilechain is leveling the playing field for developers, which will ultimately benefit consumers as well, as more and more decentralized mobile apps hit the market. With StartApp already boasting 1.5 billion mobile users globally, Mobilechain could reach massive audiences very quickly.

“StartApp believes blockchain technology will be the key to transforming the mobile economy,” said Gil Dudkiewicz, CEO and Co-Founder of StartApp. “We believe that, for blockchain technology to be truly adopted by the masses, it needs to be brought into the mobile ecosystem. Once a critical mass of early adopters, like app publishers and developers, implement the technology, mainstream consumers will follow, cementing blockchain as a viable mass market technology worldwide.”

Admittedly, it sounds a little too good to be true. We’ll have to wait for early reviews to hear if the development tools are intuitive and expansive enough to really translate standard app development skills into working blockchain tech. But, if Mobilechain is successful, it could be a real game changer that will hopefully mean an influx of secure, blockchain-powered apps for the masses.

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