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Searching for a job can be confusing and difficult.  You have to search for jobs on numerous sites, decide which one is a good match, and apply, sometimes using different resumes, to the best job.  Then you have to wait.   If you think that’s frustrating, just think about the employer.  They have to post job listings on numerous sites, sort through slews of resumes, and interview boatloads of candidates until they get the right match.

Proven Employer

Now, employers have an easier way to find the right candidate.  A year after releasing its on-the-go employment app, Proven is launching an Employer app, which will give companies a native app to post jobs to Craigslist and then search, sort and contact candidates directly from a smartphone or tablet.

“We’ve had a lot of demand from employers using our website version that wanted to simplify their hiring process on their mobile devices,” said Pablo Fuentes, CEO and Co-Founder of Proven.

The move is a natural next step for Proven as more people turn to their mobile device to search for jobs.  In fact, according to recent research by online job community GlassDoor, three in five job seekers used their mobile device to search for jobs in the past year and 84 percent believe mobile devices will be the most common way to find jobs over the next five years.

However, finding and applying to jobs on your mobile device isn’t always easy, as many companies haven’t optimized their sites for mobile.  GlassDoor found that 30 percent of job seekers believe that applying to jobs on a mobile device is “difficult” and 10 percent found it “very difficult.”  That’s where Proven comes in.

What Proven’s app has done for job seekers, it’s now doing for employers.  “In creating the app, we actually went out and talked to users to get their input and ideas so in a way actual employers helped build it [the app],” said Mr. Fuentes.

Proven’s Employer app now lets employers, who may not have an optimized mobile site, automate their employee search.  The app lets employers quickly sort and filter submitted resumes, create and manage job listings and place candidates into yes, no and maybe categories. With a click, employers can contact candidates directly and share promising candidates, through the use of multiple logins, with others within the company.

The best part about it is that employers can browse candidates at anytime, from anywhere, from any iOS or Android device.

“From the beginning, our vision has been to not only simplify and improve the entire employment process, but also take it completely mobile, which is the future. After the success of our mobile job search tools for job seekers, we are very excited to take the next step by offering a native mobile solution for employers. Now they can carry out hiring tasks from anywhere, from their own mobile device, thus saving significant time and adding flexibility to the hiring manager’s life,” said Mr. Fuentes.

Proven is proving to be the one stop shop for employees and employers.  You can download the app from both Google Play and the App Store.

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