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It appears according to this landing page that Microsoft will be announcing their Windows 7 upgrade option program on Friday (June 26th, 2009). Based on the information I have been able to collect it appears that if you purchase a new computer with Windows Vista after July 1st, 2009 you will be eligible to receive a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it is released later this year.

However, from what I understand the upgrade options are limited. You are not allowed to upgrade from one language to another and more importantly you cannot upgrade to a “better” version. For example, if you bought a computer after July 1st with Windows Vista Home Premium you are only allowed to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium. The same logic applies to Windows Vista Business which would allow you to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional, and also for Windows Vista Ultimate to which you can upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate.

If you purchase a computer with Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows Vista Starter edition it appears at this time you are not eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7.

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