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Microsoft may have killed their popular Windows Live Messenger (previously MSN Messenger) service and application this Spring in favor of Skype, which they acquired for $8.5 billion (yes, billion) back in 2011, but not everybody has been happy. While Skype is an excellent VoIP service, it makes for a poor text-based messaging solution, with a cluttered user interface, missed messages, messages that fail to send, and conversations that quickly go out of sync.

Luckily for us millions of Skype users however, Microsoft has promised The Verge that they’re aware of the issues and are working to repair the issues “very soon.” The fixes will come in the form of strengthening Skype’s cloud-based backend, which they switched to only fairly recently; prior to the cloud based architecture, Skype relied on a P2P (peer to peer) based technology that connected the two clients directly together. While P2P led to (mostly) more stable connections, the new cloud based architecture is paving the way for Skype’s strategy going forward – an emphasis on mobile communication.

Indeed, Microsoft is promising a series of updates for all of their mobile applications, and Microsoft’s not forgetting their own poster child in the mobile world this time. Yes, after getting the short end of the stick for the past couple of releases, Microsoft is finally emphasizing Windows Phone support for Skype. According to Microsoft, a new version of the Skype for Windows Phone application will be making its way out shortly, bringing with it full message syncing with the desktop client and read receipts, both of which are being made possible thanks to the new cloud architecture.

But beyond that, Microsoft is teasing that big things are coming for Skype in Windows Phone 8.1. Indeed, the Skype team claims that they’re working very closely with the Windows Phone 8.1 team to create a first tier experience for the new platform. Though Microsoft remains shy about touching on the specifics of the new platform and application, Microsoft is promising that  “there will be some fun things to see there” beyond the planned improved load times and notification support, both of which will find their way into the current Skype for Windows Phone 8 client.

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