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If any doubt exists that Microsoft is in it to win it with the Xbox One, let it be laid to rest. Today the company announced that it’ll begin offering a deal on November 2 that brings the Kinect-less Xbox One console down to $349 — a full fifty dollars cheaper than the PlayStation 4.

xbox-bundlesThis is the first time Microsoft’s machine has been cheaper than Sony’s since the two launched last November.

Making this deal even more interesting is the fact that the $50 discount doesn’t just apply to the base $399 model of the console, but to all the other more expensive bundles, as well. Do you fancy that Assassin’s Creed Kinect bundle? It’ll only cost you $449. That goes for the other $499 Kinect bundles, meaning the Xbox One with Kinect is at its lowest price since the Titanfall bundle hit $449 back in March.

With a very game-heavy November coming our way, this is a highly aggressive move that could shape the next-generation war going forward — especially if Xbox Ones begin to fly off shelves like Tickle-Me-Elmos. Sony has led the race thus far; Microsoft, meanwhile, has eaten a lot of humble pie trying to close the gap.

TechCrunch is reporting that the discounted prices will stay in place until January 3, at least. So if you haven’t picked up an Xbox One yet, what are you waiting for? And who knows — maybe Microsoft’s bold discounts will inspire Sony to follow suit.

Competition is good, isn’t it?

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