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Today at the #XboxReveal event, Microsoft just announced the Xbox One — what they’re calling the ultimate home entertainment system.

To turn on the Xbox One, simply say, “Xbox On” — it recogonizes your voice.  You can even say “Xbox Watch TV” or “Xbox Watch Movie” very easily and quickly.  Forget having to use that clunky remote to change input settings.

There is also a feature called Snap Mode, which allows you to have multiple apps open at once.  So you can have your content displayed side-by-side.  Microsoft is also using that Skype acquisition in the new Xbox One, you can do video calls (including group ones). Calls and commands are completely controlled by your voice.

Xbox One also offers interactive TV features such as the ability to track your fantasy sports team, keep track of what’s on TV with the Xbox One Guide, and Xbox Trending gives you a glance at what everyone in the Xbox community is watching on live TV or with Video on Demand. Again, everything can be controlled by your voice.

Xbox One Specifications

The Xbox One architecture enables everything we’ve discussed so far.  In terms of hardware specs, the Xbox One has 5 billion transistors, 8GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, USB 3, Blu-ray drive, and native 64-bit architecture.

New Xbox Live

Today, 15,000 servers power the modern Xbox Live experience, but that will change to over 300,000 servers with the launch of the Xbox One.  You will be able to access your movies, your music, your games, anywhere.  The new Xbox Live will now offer a game DVR to capture and save your gaming moments as well as better gaming achievements.


Microsoft Studios will be releasing 15 new exclusive games, eight of which will be brand new franchises during the first year of Xbox One.  EA has also signed on to bring a handful of their sports games to the Xbox One within its first year.


Microsoft has just announced the release of a new Halo TV series that is being produced by Steve Spielberg.  Microsoft also announced a partnership with the NFL to provide a better experience to fans.  NFL fans who have an Xbox One will have exclusive and interactive content to bring fantasy football to life, the ability to easily interact with others (so you can taunt your friends), and more.

Launch Date

The Xbox One will be launching around the world “later this year” — most likely during the holiday season.

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