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Like many other gamers across the country, I’m currently pretty torn about which next-generation console to buy come this November. Between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, gamers have two of the most compelling pieces of hardware to ever exist to decide between (though I must admit, I’m loving my Wii U, ignoring its current issues on the market) – and that’s not even including considering software. Microsoft is hoping to make its case to gamers in person with their new Xbox “The One Tour” this Autumn, and I’ve got to admit, I’m intrigued.

The plan is simple. Take pre-release versions of the Xbox One on a nearly month long tour across the country, and invite gamers everywhere (18 and older) to try out some software. Many of the hardware’s launch titles will be up to try, including Forza, Dead Rising, and Just Dance, so there’ll be something for everyone to try.

The tour kicks off mid October on the West Coast and ends just before the launch of the Xbox One on the East Coast, with events taking place across much of the country in order to give as many people as possible a chance to try their hands on a One. Pre-orders of the Xbox One have seemingly been strong despite early controversies regarding the console’s DRM policies, though Microsoft has over time laxed their stance on many of the restrictions gamers have been worried about.

Meanwhile, Sony has also seen strong pre-orders of their upcoming PlayStation 4, with many retailers having already sold out of their allotted stock prior to the November launch. Nintendo has been seeing weak sales of their primary competitor, the Wii U, though there has been some evidence of a turnaround in recent days with the launch of some highly anticipated software.

So, eager gamers – which next-generation console will you be rooting for? Are you going to be jumping on the Xbox One bandwagon, deflecting to Sony, or rooting for the Nintendo underdog? Let us know in the comments!

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