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According to the new Microsoft commercial for Bing, people have been lost in the links for far too long. We’ve become all search and no action. It’s time to get things right. It’s time to make decisions. We don’t need another search engine, we need the first ever decision engine from Microsoft. From now on Bing and Decide.

As you know I have committed myself to “The Bing Challenge” and have been using Bing so far all week.  I will admit that so far within the four days that have passed I have at times felt Google withdrawals, however, have been able to overcome the feeling and stay committed to using Bing for the entire week.

Nonetheless, the new commercial is definitely a good start and hits home the point that Microsoft is trying to make here. It is definitely better (more on point, however, less funny) than the Windows commercials a while back with Jerry Seinfeld. It is the appropriate starting point for Bing – it’s not funny in the sense you write it off as a joke and it’s on point enough that it conveys the right message which makes you at least want to try it.

So far TV advertisement number one of the Microsoft $100 million dollar ad campaign for Bing gets my thumbs up.

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