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In this day and age, family and friends are always traveling, so it’s pretty common when you aren’t together. Between relocating to a different region due to a job, new love, or just for an adventure, people are finding themselves far away from home much more often than, say, 10 years ago.

With long distance comes the need to keep connected with everyone in your circle. Call rates are ridiculously expensive with a normal plan and shopping around can be time consuming and even frustrating. Often times people avoid this by using a platform like Skype, but even this has its own problems since people have to sign up and create a username, which can cause more confusion. Mix in the added stress of finding a good enough internet connection and it can make calling home more of an annoyance than you need in your life when all you want to do is talk to the people you care about. One company trying to solve all of these issues is Meucci.

meucci-callingMeucci is a free calling app claiming to solve the connectivity issues that people experience in areas with poor internet by bringing the same experience that users know from chat apps, like WhatsApp, to the process of long distance and group calling. The company also claims that since users rely on GSM, they can use the platform pretty much anywhere they are without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. And since the app uses mobile numbers, there’s no need for user IDs when communicating with the app.

Along with this, Meucci also states that an unlimited number of participants can be added to a group call and even those without the app can use it by clicking a link that is sent to them. One of the company’s main claimed differentiators is that the app automatically switches from GSM to VoIP depending on a user’s location.

“Today, group calling is plagued by drop calls, people speaking over each other, and a bunch of other problems,” said Rubi Kizner, CEO of Meucci. “It’s not uncommon for friends, families, and business partners to be spread out all over the world and finding the right time and proper calling platform is already hard enough. We want to combat and solve this problem so distance has no meaning and you don’t have to think, just call.”

The company says that they already have downloads in over 60 countries, mainly ones in emerging markets, and a 33% active user conversion rate, impressive numbers for a young and lesser known app. A free and easy all-in-one communication app like Meucci could be a wonderful solution for anyone who experiences connectivity issues, domestic or abroad. The company also plans on releasing some new features in the near future so the only question that remains is if this will be enough to really change things in the telecom industry?


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