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For Kim Dotcom, MegaUpload was just the beginning. After MegaUpload, one of the world’s most popular file sharing services, got shut down by the American government a couple of years ago, Dotcom shortly struck back with a vengeance, launching Mega Beta – a powerful, beautiful, fast version of MegaUpload reborn. Though Dotcom is no longer actively involved in the Mega project, his vision progresses once more today as Mega has announced that they’ve officially taken the site out of beta, and has announced some pretty awesome new changes along the way.

First, you’ll find that this new version of Mega launches with an all new user interface. Things have been tidied up, neatened, and – most importantly – sped up in a pretty noticeable way. Caching has been improved, with the site intelligently deciding what changes need to be downloaded to your computer, and shared file and folder views have been streamlined. Mega is also announcing a new browser extension exclusive to Firefox that promises to improve security while using the site while also improving file download performance.

On top of all that, Mega has officially confirmed that they’re planning on bringing their popular mobile application to iOS – in fact, it’s already been submitted review and is just awaiting approval from Apple before it appears. A desktop application is also planned for Windows, OS X, and – yes – Linux, which will act as a syncing tool between your Mega cloud storage and your local disk, not unlike Dropbox.

Mega is also promising that they’ll be expanding into some key new areas further into 2014, including an “encrypted communications service” (instant messaging with added security) that uses Mega for file transfers that will also include built in secure video conferencing support. Mega’s expansion plans seem extraordinarily confident for a company that, for all intents and purposes, continues to exist by spitting in the face of the American government for its seizure of MegaUpload.

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