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Guess what I just downloaded?  The brand new Mailbox app update, which as you may have guessed from the title of this post is iPad optimized.  Mailbox had promised an iPad version would be on its way and it has certainly delivered.  The app functions and looks the same as the iPhone version, but also offers the addition of a reading pane to the right.

In an Interview with The Next Web, co-founder Gentry Underwood says that an Android version is in the works, but did not provide a launch date.  What’s also interesting is that the company has yet to provide any numbers in terms of user retention.  One could read into that a couple of ways — one being that the Mailbox reservation system backfired or it could be they are just not ready to release that information.

Now all I’m waiting for is a desktop version of Mailbox, which I really think is necessary to offer the best possible experience.  I find myself not able to keep up with managing my email just using my iPhone and now iPad.

You can download the new Mailbox update right now.  Also be sure to check out our complete Mailbox review.

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