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Late last week, a promotional site owned by LG for the upcoming G4 leaked online, bringing tons of images and details about the company’s forthcoming flagship handset with it. LG yanked the site shortly after it made the rounds, but not before a post on 9to5Google posted the relevant details.

12We already knew from LG proper that the G4 would offer up an f/1.8 aperture camera lens. On top of that, the post says the camera will boast 16 megapixels. And there are more confirmed specs, to boot.

For starters, the LG G4 will have a 5.5-inch display, putting it squarely in phablet territory. It’ll also feature a “slim arc design,” which seems like LG-speak for “curved.” Rumors that the G4 would be curved first hit last month, so it’s not too terribly surprising to hear that they turned out to be true.

22There are some other details that we hadn’t heard about, which might help to set the G4 apart. Taking a page out of Motorola’s book, the G4 will come with options for “premium back covers” made both of metal and leather. While I’m not sure who would ever want a smartphone with a leather back, it’s nice to know that it’s an option. The G4 will also keep its removable battery and expandable storage slot, making it one of a dying breed since Samsung cut that option from its latest flagship. Additionally, it’ll also boast wireless charging, one of the fun new features that’s finding its way into lots of consumer gadgets these days.

24All in all, the G4 sounds like it’ll bring a lot to the table in terms of unique features and design elements. And yet, even with all that, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has gotten great reviews so far, and the Edge version is a thing of beauty (all at about five inches—the sweet spot for smartphones, in my opinion). While no one will be able to accuse LG of ripping off Samsung with the G4, it may be too late to sway those who’ve already fallen under the Galaxy S6’s spell.

[Source: 9to5Google]

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