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I finally managed to track down an Xbox One yesterday. Several units popped up in a Walmart I had already searched at — it seems the store had replenished its stock overnight, and I wouldn’t have known had I checked the Walmart website, the Walmart mobile site or the Walmart iPhone app. Why? Because you can’t search in-store stock if an item is sold out online.

A workaround with the Walmart iPad app, however, does let you see which stores have a particular item in stock. And since it’s Xbox One and PlayStation 4 season, now seems like the perfect time to share this little tip.

First, you’re going to need to download the Walmart app for iPad.

Once you launch it, type the name of your system into the search box and tap “Search.” Then you can tap on the console.


Now this screen might differ for you. I have a “Check Local Store Availability” button, but that’s because I already set my location. You might simply see a “Sold out” message. To see if local stores have any stock of your system, tap the “Find Nearby” option on the left side of the screen.


A black pin means out of stock. A light blue pin means limited stock. A dark blue pin means the item is in stock. Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s are flying off of the shelves, though, so if you see a light or dark blue pin on a map near you, it’s a good idea to hurry before those systems disappear.


One thing to note: a store showing a system in stock may not have the system out on the floor yet — it could still be in the back. In that case, you could always ask and hope someone will go grab one for you, or you can ask when the item will be stocked on the floor and try to be the first person in line.

Good luck and Godspeed.

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