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PlaceUs is the latest location-sharing app to hit the App Store, but before you roll your eyes, take note of its impressive list of features. Developed under Alohar Mobile by former Google Maps architect, Sam Liang, PlaceUs utilizes context awareness technology to detect your location and share that information with those you place in your “inner circle.”

placeus-mapHow is that different from Foursquare, you ask? Not only does the app pinpoint your location, but it also uses artificial intelligence and ambient sensing technology to analyze your behavior and recognize patterns. For example, if you frequently stop at the grocery store and text your significant other asking if they need anything, the app will pick up on that behavior so that the next time you stop at the grocery store, it will anticipate your behavior and send the text message on your behalf.  In terms of non-AI features, the app has the ability to like and recommend places you or your friends have been. The app also keeps a list of your most frequented locations.

Despite its real-time location tracking capability, PlaceUs is relatively lightweight in terms of battery consumption. In an effort to preserve the battery, the app takes advantage of all built-in sensors to track your movements, thus GPS functionality is only activated sparingly.

Like most location-sharing apps, PlaceUs will send a push notification to those in your inner circle each time you visit a new location. Additionally, a feature that detects and reports car accidents in real time is also in the works.

Also, when it comes to monetization, the company doesn’t plan to sell your data to advertisers–instead it plans to add paid features to the app, like the ability to export data or communicate with others. Honestly, I’m not sure we need another location-based network, but PlaceUs does offer some unique features and has taken steps to reduce the friction associated with many location-based apps, so it will be interesting to see if that helps the app gain any traction.

As of right now the app is only available for iOS, however, an Android version is being developed and will be released sometime in the near future.

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