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LivingSocial, the daily deals site, has suffered a massive cyber attack in which more than 50 million customers accounts were affected.  Everything from customer names, emails, birthdates, and even encrypted passwords were accessed in the breach.  Livingsocial CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy sent his employees an that was obtained by AllThingsD which confirmed that hackers did in fact gain “unauthorized access to some customer data from our servers.”

All affected customers will be required to reset their passwords.  It appears that almost all of the countries that LivingSocial services were affected, except in Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines, as well as LivingSocial services Ticketmonster and Ensogo since they are on separate systems.

While this is definitely not the best thing to happen, one good thing of note is that the email sent to employees and customers noted that neither customer credit card nor merchant financial information was accessed in the cyber attack.  Phew.

You can read the emails sent to employees and customers over at AllThingsD.

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