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This September 5th-10th in Berlin at the IFA 2014 worldwide tech conference, LG is going to reveal a new smartwatch––and yes, it’s round.

Back in June at the Google developers conference, Motorola’s Moto 360 was a crowd favorite, sporting a rounded classic look. By comparison, the LG G Smartwatch––sporting a square modern look––fell decidedly short. Now, it teases the LG G Watch R, round as can be. LG hasn’t given too much detail––have to keep the mystery alive––but they have released this teaser-commercial:

What’s interesting is that R is coming out only 2.5 months (approximately) after the G was put on the market. This indicates that the R was most likely in development in tandem with the G, and the G was released as both a way to get in on the smartwatch game early (it was one of the first two Android smartwatches available), and see how a smartwatch faired in the market. That it was, essentially, a method of working out bugs with the concept itself, satisfying interested parties, and making a little money so that later models––the R––would fair even better.

Since the Moto 360 is rumored to release around the same time that LG will presumably announce the R, and because the iWatch is potentially hovering around early September––the smartwatch battle is looking to be a bloody one. LG’s decision to get in while the getting’s hot is definitely a smart one. Once IFA 2014 commences, there will be a lot more to say on the matter. Expect updates galore!

[techradar & engadget]

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