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By now, many of you have likely heard of the LG G Flex – LG’s latest smartphone built on their flagship G2 flagship Android smartphone that builds upon it in some rather interesting ways, such as its namesake – a curved LED display that flexes. If that sounds like something you may be interested in, Sprint has just announced that they will official become the first American carrier to begin selling the G Flex on January 31st, when it goes on sale for $300.

That’s over $100 more expensive than the LG G2, which contains similar specs and an even better 1080p display – superior to the G Flex’s 720p display. However the G Flex does have one other big benefit that could make it worth the asking price for many smartphone shoppers – according to LG, the G Flex contains a “self repairing” back that is capable of magically removing cuts and scuffs. If you’re the type of person who regularly keeps keys in the same pocket as your smartphone, that could be huge – however reviews of the smartphone are split on whether or not this functionality actually works as well as advertised.

Sound good? If you’re okay with hitting up Sprint for such a smartphone, head on over to Sprint’s official website and get the job done. Pre-orders start today, and an “Easy Pay” payment plan program is available with a down payment of $150 and an additional monthly payment of $20 over a 24-month period is available to help soften the blow. Of course, you could also just go for LG’s other – less flexible, more affordable – flagship.

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